My Motto:
Creating success together

For more than 20 years my key tasks have included operational restructuring, and profit improvements in the production and supply chain areas.

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My Motto:
Creating success together

For more than 20 years my key tasks have included operational restructuring, and profit improvements in the production and supply chain areas.

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My Motto:
Creating success together

For more than 20 years my key tasks have included operational restructuring, and profit improvements in the production and supply chain areas.

Due to past optimisations I was able to successfully lead international production companies through growth and crisis situations.

As an industrial and economics engineer, I am always immersed in a challenging technological environment. In my professional career I have repeatedly achieved excellent results in the implementation of critical programs and projects in the international environment. My strength is, quickly comprehending systems as a whole, so that my clients can efficiently initiate and realise measures, and bring together diverging interests of stakeholders.

Over the years I held positions as CEO, COO and CRO, and have worked as Project and Program Manager in group units.

My aim is to shape a successful organization together with you.

I am looking forward to our conversation.

About me

Reiner Thalacker

I was able to gain the largest part of my expertise during the 27 years of working for the bearing manufacturer SCHAEFFLER KG holding the brands INA, FAG and LUK. I started at SCHAEFFLER KG in 1985 as a Technologist. Soon, I took on leadership positions as plant manager, director and division manager (Vice President), domestic and abroad, reporting directly to the board. Additionally, I managed various special projects in the company configuration and optimisation.

In May 2012, I eventually resigned from SCHAEFFLER KG as Vice President (4,500 Staff and 1.6 Bil. € Sales) to become the CEO of WINTERSTEIGER AG in Ried im Innkreis, Austria. Since October 2016, I am self-employed in the sector of management consulting with focus on business development and company acquisition.

My fundamental values as a management consultant are trust, loyalty and openness. Transparency, the ability to critique, and conflict resolution all play a very important role when cooperating with my clients. I understand my work as being a partnership with my clients, therefore I am happy to offer my expertise after completion of a project. In doing so, I constantly follow high professional standards such as: identifying with the project and the will to succeed. Amongst others, I apply the strict ethical principles of discretion and loyalty, as well as integrity and reliability. Only on the basis of these ground rules, a successful cooperation is possible.

My Services

Interim Management

Do you have vacant positions in your company?
I offer an interim role at a short notice, working professionally as either of the follow:
CEO / General Manager: Introducing new business models, optimizing the product portfolio, organic growth, internationalization, planning to use existing resources, budgeting and multi-year planning
Plant Manager: relocating or developing productions abroad, reducing set-up times, lean management, controlling the entire plant, reducing scrap rate, Kaizen methods, just-in-time production

Restructuring or Remediation

As an external expert and experienced crisis manager (CRO), I provide quick assistance in the various stages of restructuring and remediation issues. I take the necessary steps to reduce costs and reorganize.

As a CRO, I would oversee the restructuring of the company in all affected areas, and adjusts and modifies processes between departments.

As an external CRO, I can not only impose unpopular measures but also open up untold opportunities for rebuilding the company in a corporate crisis. It is a strategically important step to transfer these tasks to the CRO, instead of burdening the following manager or the existing managing director.

With my many years of experience, I do not only want to master the crisis together with the team, but also create a new atmosphere. To instill motivation as well as additional competencies in the team and thus pave the way for a positive continuation.

The goal is to preserve and continue your business.

Business growth and internationalization

Do you want your business to grow? Do you want to build new locations?

As an interim manager for business growth I offer external know-how, for example in the introduction of new products or product lines, the internationalization or the development of new customers and markets. As plant manager I offer relocations abroad or expansion of productions at home and abroad.

Special Project Management

Is there a project for company development that requires more or different know-how compared to what the company already has?

In the field of project management I offer the following support:

  1. Implementation of a strategy change
  2. Creating and/or introducing a new corporate structure
  3. Integration of companies after the acquisition
  4. Support and execution of technical due diligence on acquisition plans
  5. Creation and implementation of a plan for new series production, plant relocation.
  6. Implementation plans for new technologies or product fields.
  7. Market entry strategies for new products or new markets

As a project manager I can use my expertise, my international network, and my neutral view for a successful project management. I am mobile and flexible and also take care of any necessary training for employees.

in divisions

Corporate development

I provide assistance with setting up new business units comprising of sales, development, engineering, quality assurance and production, or additional business fields for new product fields and/or new markets in Asia, North and South America, and Europe.


I assist with the reorganisation of product standards, business units, or small to medium sized businesses as a whole, with the target of maintaining a successful, independent company.

Organisational optimisation

I offer support in the reorganisation of businesses after a remediation. The integration of bought businesses or further development of the organisation due to strong growth in your business.

Plant development or plant expansion

My support includes the planning and development of new plants for existing product areas in Asia, North and South America, or Europe as well as the expansion of existing plants for new product fields including the necessary organisational and production related adjustments.

Business acquisitions

My assistance in this field includes undertaking technical due diligence, market analysis, and obtaining potential companies to buy, all in order to determine a purchase price. It also includes the actual discussions and project management required in acquiring a business.

in sectors

Machine tools, processing machines and plant engineering

I offer support in market adaption and development for existing or new markets. This also applies to product development with upstream customer requirement analysis for new machines.


I offer management or support of projects in the area of product launch in the production, while taking into consideration the standards and norms of the automotive industry.

Wind power

I help my customers to set up and optimise quality-standard processes for wind turbine development and am also available as a development partner for wind turbine manufacturers. I also provide support with market adaption and development projects for transmission, main bearings and slewing rings, as well as in optimising the production of these products.


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